Eulogy by Michael

When I hear the name Chelsea I think of the most trying, hardheaded, stubborn, caring, beautiful person whom I loved with every inch of my heart, body and soul. She showed me how boundless the spectrum of love was. There were times when I wanted to grab her and shake her as hard as I could and there were other times when I wanted to grab her, squeeze her, and never let her go. She was by far, my greatest teacher and will, in all likelihood, continue to be for the rest of my life.

Although these are difficult times I feel we all must take something positive from this. We must believe in our hearts that she was just a caterpillar and now she is a radiant butterfly. We all are wishing she was still here but we must understand that she is now closer to us than she could have ever been before. We may not be able to touch her but we can feel. She is right here, in all our hearts.

The one thing I feel is most important to learn from this experience is that our seconds together are much too precious for any emotion other than love. There is no time or reason for us to hold our anger in out hearts. We must embrace each other and express our love everyday because we know not what tomorrow brings. Please take nothing for granted. Let Chelsea teach us all, that in our darkest hour we must find light.

I love you, Chel. Thank you for the seventeen incredible years.

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